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01 Advanced Facial Recognition

Built upon a deep neural network, our model is actively being trained to achieve the highest level of accuracy, currently achieving 99.8% accuracy on the public dataset "Labeled Faces in the Wild."

02 Robust Security

With built-in anti-spoofing technology *, Amanda distinguishes human and non-human characteristics, preventing fake video or image intrusions.

* Facial recognition anti-spoofing technology available only for Enterprise plan.

03 Visitor Management Tailored to Your Needs

Amanda is easy to customize. Apply your brand image, request signature of any legal documents and customize the type of visitors flows applicable to your company.

04 Smart Notifications

When a visitor signs in, Amanda automatically notifies the host about their arrival through Slack, email, or SMS, giving staff peace of mind to move freely around the office.

05 Comprehensive Visitor Management

Amanda comes with an easy-to-use Admin panel, where you can add staff and locations, pre-register visitors, view a real-time visitor log and export detailed visitor reports.


Amanda integrates with your existing infrastructure, making it painless to setup and use.

G Suite

Sync with your Google Calendar and match visitors with meetings.


Set up slack channel notifications for the arrival of your visitors.


Connect your Microsoft calendar to Amanda.


Send a text message to your mobile device when your guests arrive.


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