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Your face is
your ticket

Meet Amanda, an innovative event management solution that provides comprehensive event registration and seamless facial recognition check-in.

Empower your upcoming event with cutting-edge technology.



Facial Recognition Check-in

01 Provide that “wow” factor

Seamlessly check in attendees, print name badges on-demand, and “wow” everyone with a personalized experience from the moment they step foot in your event – putting attendees in the mindset to network & engage.

02 Accelerate on-site check-in

2-4x faster check-in speed compared to existing methods – enhancing attendee experience and reducing queuing duration.

03 Deliver a futuristic experience

Your face is your ticket. Attendees no longer need to fumble around for paper tickets, QR codes, or mobile apps – eliminating potential bottlenecks.

04 Mitigate ticket fraud

Attendees cannot switch or share a single ticket or name badges – maximizing event revenues.
Intuitive Features

Intuitive Features

Event Registration Platform

Comprehensive data dashboard

Easily track event data and statistics through our simple dashboard – tickets sold, event revenues, event page views, and much more.

Registration tailored to your needs

Amanda allows you to easily create beautiful event pages, issue multiple ticket types, and collect custom attendee information.

Integrated event tech solution

The Amanda AI event registration platform and iPad-based facial recognition check-in solution integrate seamlessly to allow registered attendees to check-in with their face, QR code, or name.


Our Clients

“Amanda AI was a seamless and simple solution to our onsite check-in process. It was remarkably fast and intuitive for the user. Support from the team exceeded my expectations. This system is fantastic.”

“Amanda AI not only allowed us to check-in our attendees faster than traditional solutions, but it also enhanced the guest experience by showcasing the latest in facial recognition technology. The process was flawless and our guests were blown away.”

“Everyone was thoroughly impressed! People were very happy with how fast they were able to check-in to Traction Conference – getting recognized with facial recognition, reviewing their name badge information, and getting their name badge printed on the spot.”


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